3 Months Update Into My Personal Hair Growth Journey

12 Aug

- 2021 -

3 Months Update Into My Personal Hair Growth Journey

It is safe to say this is the longest I’ve gone without a haircut in a long time. Usually I would have struggled with this length especially as we are in the month of July where the sun often makes an appearance. I’ve always associated the summer months with a low cut so that I don’t overheat. However, there is something reassuring about having a plan of action and sticking to it.


My hair seems to be flourishing from the routine I am implementing. No sign of dryness and the extra hair has not been a problem for my semi active lifestyle. Running isn’t a problem as I now wear a headband or baseball cap to mop up the excess sweat. The most physically demanding thing I do is my Krav Maga training and to be honest that hasn’t had any negative effects with my growing locks. I am constantly learning ways to adapt and integrate my hair growth journey into my lifestyle. To be honest, that has added to the motivation of growing my hair. It is very easy to not even bother to figure things out or even make an attempt to problem solve because of an obstacle.


Even though this process of growing my hair is personal, I’d be lying if I said the support from family didn’t make a difference. Support can be appreciated in many ways such a little encouragement via compliments or (what I received) useful tips and advice on what to do and what not to do. In other words, having someone who has gone through what you are experiencing and have come out the other side is worth a lot.

My Wife and Daughter are far into the hair growth journey so I’m reaping the benefits from the successes as well as their mistakes (there have hardly been any).


The products being used haven’t changed and are still my go too. Admittedly, I am still not applying a leave-in conditioner as my Afua constantly instructs me to do. Maybe it is because I am set on only using our Natural Barnet product range (cause they work for my hair) or maybe this the first sign of me wavering in my routine. I mean my hair is manageable now due to it’s length but I honestly haven’t considered the process needed to for example for through a wash day with longer strands.

There is still a long way to go and a lot to consider regarding what I want to achieve with my hair growth. Continue to watch this space.


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