18 Jun

- 2020 -


Locs/ Dreadlocks / Dreads … call them what you like, they are a beautiful way to rock your natural hair. Up until recently, they have always had a lot of bad stereotype of those who have them but thankfully, that false ideology is slowly changing. For those of you who are thinking of wearing your hair in locs or currently have them, here are our top tips of how to care for yours while maintaining the health of your hair!

1. Be Consistent

With all hair, you have to adopt a healthy hair regimen and be consistent with it to see your hair reach and maintain optimum health.

2. Wash Regularly

Time to debunk that myth that locs don’t need regular washing. In fact, it’s the opposite – it will actually help them grow faster. When you first create your locs, wait a few weeks until washing them. After this, you can wash them once a week or fortnight.

3. Dry Thoroughly

Most often, dreads that smell musky are a result of them simply not being dried long enough (think of clothes being left in the machine). If you don’t have time to leave them to air dry (at least a day), a great way to speed the drying process is to use a blowdryer on GENTLE heat. Don’t tie up your hair or bunch them together before it is completely dry. Also, never add wax to your wet hair – even if it’s damp. It’s always best to wait.

4. Palm Roll

If you see your locs are looking flat, this can simply be amended with palm rolling regularly. It’s important to always roll in the same direction and to do so on damp hair – never dry hair. This will keep it in a uniform shape and help keep your locs separated.

5. Moisturize

Keep those locs moisturized by occasionally spraying with water (once every few days) and sleeping with a satin sock. Steer clear of cotton fabrics that will soak up all the needed moisture. When sleeping with them, keep them together and away from your face. This way, you’ll avoid that ‘fuzzy’ look resulting in them rubbing together.

6. Waxing

Apply a SMALL amount of wax to your DRY locs if you see them coming apart/loose. Starting from the root downwards, only use enough to bind the hair together. Don’t think you have to coat your hair – there’s no need. Next, grab your best hair tools (your hands!) and start palm rolling! Wax is more frequently used when you start loc’ing your hair. However, when your locs begin to form (anywhere up to 6 months), you won’t need to use wax as often. You will only need to use them when your hair is becoming loose.


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