25 Nov

- 2021 -

7 Months and Still Growing


A lot has happened since my last update on my hair journey. Despite the threat of Covid we were allowed to briefly see each other in restaurants under the ‘eat out to help out’ Government scheme. The highly anticipated and desired Playstation 5 finally got released. I welcomed a new nephew into the world who is absolutely precious. Not to forget my hair is flourishing as a result of the TLC I’ve been providing it. I also seem to have gotten over the stigma of not having my ‘fro out in public for some unreasonable fear of ridicule. In fact, I’ve experienced the contrary with compliments galore and even unwanted requests to touch it.


As expected, my wash days are steadily getting longer with each growth spurt. It puts me in a weird situation because I am 100% grateful, ecstatic my hair is healthy and happy; on the flip side, longer wash days mean extra work. Also my poor arms are starting to feel the burn. I might include for my hair to be washed in my search for a hairdresser to braid my hair going forward.

I have wondered if the reason why I’m finally accepting my ‘fro out in public is because I am more focused on my hair journey and less on recognition/approval fro the way it looks. There might me a broader message in that in regards to how we see ourselves in general. In other words, while I’m in my lane, I should keep my eyes forward and not to the side peering at the lane of someone else.


I still stress that I’ve got a long way to go to be consistent in doing the right things. The more conversation I have with Afua (more like consultations), the more confident I get. The biggest lesson this month is making sure I moisturise properly with the right sequence of product use mostly from our Natural Barnet range.

As the weather turns to it’s usual cold fronts, I am enjoying the added benefits of longer, thicker hair of providing the protection a wooly hat would.


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