26 Jan

- 2022 -

8 Months and Still Learning


It dawned on me early into the month that I had tied a previous personal record. My hair had reached the the longest it had ever been. This would be since my first disastrous hair journey (over 20 years ago). This time round I can see and feel a massive difference in the way my hair is responding. This is usually a busy month for the Natural Barnet household with birthdays, end of year orders and of course Christmas. Even though I am appreciating my afro on display more and more, I do like the braided look.


As I’ve been going about my business, being consistent with moisturising my hair regularly as well as being faithful during washday (i.e not skipping any process), I see actual growth.

Left: September 2019 – Right: December 2019

Even those around me who were sceptical at first merely brushing this off as a phase were starting to take me seriously. Around this time I started to entertain the idea of seeing how long my hair could grow. This thought would obviously be based on my continued consistent application of TLC to my mane.


The country was still in lockdown (kind of) so my not many people were aware of my new look. A friend actually requested I send a picture as he didn’t believe me or couldn’t imagine me with braids. Maybe it was my imagination but I started to notice people glancing seconds longer at my hair during our family walks. For entertainment, I ended up trying to guess whether facial expressions were of intrigue, disapproval or shock.

Another bonus of having longer hair is the protection from the elements. With winter firmly making her presence felt, our family walks are much more enjoyable now that I don’t have to worry about the cold attacking my scalp.


My latest style was skilfully done by the multi-talented Mrs Williams (Afua). However, I was given early notice that she would not be able to consistently maintain our daughters hair as well as mine. The suggestion was made to find a regular hair dresser to assist in hair growth. In the next entry I will introduce the amazing talents of Speechless Hairstyles (Tasha).


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