6 May

- 2022 -

A Full Years Hair Growth

12 months and counting and I’ve am surprised at the results. A year ago with everything that was going on (Lockdowns etc), I decided to not cut my hair. There was no plan or end game, just a thought to see how long it could grow. I have not only seen growth from my follicles but also my knowledge has increased. Using the right products has been a key benefit, also realising how my lifestyle plays a good part in maintaining healthy hair. Of the Natural Barnet range I am such a fan favourite of our Aloe and Moringa Hair Mist. It is such an effective Tea rinse that helps provide moisture and stimulates hair growth.

Birthday Hair

Another year older and I’m still adapting to new lockdown rules as well as my new hair rules. Thankfully, my hair regimen has now reached advanced levels of consistently wearing a head scarf during my runs. This has been so beneficial as I don’t have to worry about strands of hair being non-complaint. My latest protective style courtesy of the talented Speechless Hairstyle is not only practical but overall is adding to my hair growth.

Speechless Hairstyle


I am now approaching the stage where a plan has to be considered about where my hair grows. In this first year it was easier to continue adapting from month to month with my hair journey. Now, even according to my personal Hair Consultant (Afua) I have to take my hair seriously. Even washdays are getting longer and need more attention. It is still all a learning curve for me but I am still enjoying the journey.

There is no ideal length I aim to reach as that might get me lost in the journey process. Instead I think I will focus on maintaining healthy hair and getting to learn more about myself in the process. A process that is steadily working on and improving my patience.


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