9 Feb

- 2022 -

A New Beginning in Month 10

In the month of February, we finally saw some light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. The Government had mapped out a plan to get us back to some sort of normality. At the same time I was enjoying my new protective style and planning my next one with Speechless Hairstyles. It also appeared that Afua was inspired for her next protective style. I have always admired her hair journey and it helps me persevere on my own. My hair was growing faster than I anticipated due to the braids and my regimen in between the styles.


I can’t stress how important it is to have a good regimen and then stick to it. To be honest I can sometimes look for shortcuts especially during washday. The dreaded washday! Mine included a conditioner, a spray water bottle and a wide tooth comb for the first leg. I usually proceed with it as soon as take my braids out. Then comes the detangling with a spray of water and application of the conditioner. Finally the comb goes to work (gently) as undo the knots that have weaved their way into my mane.

First phase of Wash day


Now the easy part (insert raised eyebrow) is done next comes the cleansing. For this I use a sulphate free shampoo and our Natural Barnet Sheabiscus Deep Conditioner . I have to say I find this the most challenging part as it literally feels like a gym session. I find myself taking regular breaks as my arms feel like iron bars when washing.

Once that is done, then we move into the final stage of washday which is just as important as the previous ones.


My hair is detangled and cleansed, next is to moisturise and style. Washday is a marathon not a sprint! I now change my line up of tools and opt for the rest our Natural Barnet products. These include our Ayurvedic Natural Hair Growth Oil, Aloe and Moringa Hair Mist and Ayurvedic Shea Smoothie. I also include a reliable Leave in Conditioner just before the smoothie. I truly appreciate the process of giving your hair the TLC it needs to thrive. This process wouldn’t count for anything without a faithful consistent night routine.

When put together, my hair thanks me and I am finally ready for my next protective style.


  1. Moronke

    So how long do you devote to your“wash day”?

    • Yemi Williams

      Usually a good 4/5 hours which includes detangling.


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