Our journey began out of my frustration in searching for help going Natural. I needed a platform that offered advice, tips and support on how to go Natural and which products to use. After some investigation, I decided to launch NaturalBarnet to fill this void. This was achieved with the help of Prince’s Trust and the support my family. Even though we started distributing well-known products in the Natural Hair world, things changed when my daughter was born. I was faced with another dilemma…what products could I use for my newborn daughter?

I started making my Ayurvedic Shea Smoothie for my family. As our hair began to flourish, I found that extended family and friends were asking me to make some for them. To this day, we now sell three products (Ayurvedic Shea Smoothie, Sheabiscus Deep Conditioner and Ayurvedic Hair Oils) and plan on adding to this range.

We are truly humbled from each response we receive for our products and we try our best to fill the void for other Naturalistas that we once had before we started this journey.

It’s always been my mission to offer help whether it be through tutorials, workshops, advice, support or products for you to thrive in your own Natural Hair Journey.

Feel free to look around; and remember – your Natural Hair Journey is…YOUR Natural Hair Journey.

Keep It Natural,

Afua & Yemi

P.S. Feel free to send us a message in reply, using the form below, we’d love to hear from you!