11 Jun

- 2020 -


It depends on two things: how it is attached and how it is kept when it’s in.

If you choose to have this as a protective style; firstly it is very important that you communicate with the person doing your hair if it is tight at any time. This also applies to the cornrows underneath your weave. A simple test would be if whilst you raise your eyebrows you feel your scalp being pulled. This would be your opportunity to speak up (nicely). Remember, however tight the stitching and cornrows may be when it’s applied, it’ll be even tighter over time as the hair weighs down. You honestly do not want to be in a grin and bear it situation and end up with damaged follicles. Prevention is better than cure any day.

Secondly, how you maintain your hair when you have a weave is extremely important. Just because your hair is out of sight, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. If you do so, you’ll be risking a possible matted mass of breakage.

It’s essential to note that wearing weaves does not help ‘grow’ the hair either. Nothing can speed the rate your hair grows – that’s all pre-set in your genetics, diet and lifestyle of growing between ¼ to ½ inch a month. However, wearing a weave (or any protective style) helps keep the ends of your hair protected, therefore helping with length retention.

It is not advisable to wear a partial weave if all you intend to do is straight press the front. The upkeep of doing this will give you a high risk of experiencing heat damage which is irreversible – regardless of how much heat protectant you use. We would actually recommend you limit using heat to around 4 times per year. If you’re planning on keeping your exposed hair curly, be prepared that this will also require time and effort.

It is recommended to wear a weave for up to eight weeks, then to leave your hair to breathe for several months.

As a word of caution….always go for sew-in weaves. Never use glue attached (aka bonding) weaves. The latter won’t keep your hair protected and removing the glue is asking for a time consuming and (possibly painful) farewell to some of your hair – unnecessarily. 

P.S. Despite how expensive the weave is, it cannot and will not can ‘grow’ the hair any quicker.


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