Found Speechless at the 9th Hour

28 Jan

- 2022 -

Found Speechless at the 9th Hour


Since the new year, I’ve been fairly active and faithful with my running. This is the most consistent I’ve been in a long time with my running now at twice a week. I decided to take my hair out in the second week of January and also started to search for a regular hairdresser.

My search started where I felt would give me the best options; Social Media. I was constantly on the usual suspects to see the best work which would also be local. My search literally took up to the end of the month when I came across a very gifted hairstylist called Speechless Hairstyles (Tasha).


It was on Facebook of all places on the Black Owned Economy page. Tasha specialises in braids for short hair and I was amazed at how she create braids on hair shorter than mine. This definitely caught my eye. I was then lead to her youtube page where she displayed her gift for creating amazing designs and patterns in her braiding. I was definitely sold.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I was getting tired from maintaining my afro. So the contact was made and my appointment was booked. I sent her a particular style I would like and literally left it in her hands.


Even after the impressive pictures and videos I saw, nothing is guaranteed. Once I sat down, I was immediately put at ease with her friendly and professional demeanour. The was no mirror in front of me so I couldn’t see what Tasha was crafting. However, after an impressive time of 40 mins my mouth dropped at the sheer quality and neatness of her work.

Speechless Hairstyle Special


Even though I was thoroughly impressed, the final test had to come from the Natural Barnet Household. As soon as I walked in it was official! I believe Afua’s exact words were, “WOW! She’e doing your hair from now on”. To say I was really impressed with my new style was an understatement. It also meant I could maintain my hair care with the simpler application of our Hair Growth Oil.


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