18 Jun

- 2020 -

Hair Growth Cycles

On average, hair grows between a quarter to half an inch per month. This rate of growth is affected by the part of body which the hair grows, diet, age, genetics sometimes even the time of year.

Every strand on your head goes through three definite stages in its lifetime:


Aka the Growing Stage. This period ranges between 1-10 years but on average it normally lasts 4-7 years. No hair products’ claims under the sun can change this time frame. At any one time, more than 80% of your hair is in this phase.


Aka Resting Stage. This period can expand from four weeks to four months. During this time, your hair stops growing and is preparing to enter the next phase of shedding. It also stops producing colour (melanin), which is why you normally see roots of the hair white or clear when they eventually shed. At any one time, around 1% of your hair is in this phase.


Aka Shedding Stage. This period lasts anything up to 4 months. Your hair naturally sheds during this time. It’s actually most likely to occur during summer or early autumn – so don’t be surprised if you notice more shedding during these months. Shedding shouldn’t be something you should try to avoid – this is a healthy cycle of your hair. At any one time, 11% of your hair is in this phase and will come out either on its’ own naturally or through gentle combing/finger detangling/styling.

There is a final phase where only 80% of your hair will enter called Exogen. Here, the hair follicle remains dormant for a period of time after it has shed before beginning a new Anagen phase. This can last between 4-7 months. As we get older, this period of time lengthens, hence why the majority of our parents, aunties, grandparents etc. have less hair than when they were younger.

This cycle isn’t happening to your hairs all at the same time – or you’d be bald during certain months! Amazingly, every hair strand on your head does its own thing in its own time.


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