Heatless Ways To Stretch Your Natural Hair

17 Jun

- 2021 -

Heatless Ways To Stretch Your Natural Hair

Heat isn’t the only was to stretch your hair. If it used to often (or have a high temp), you’re at risk of causing breakage to your delicate strands. Keep reading to find out alternative ways to achieve stretched hair without any heat in sight.


A protective style in its own right, Threading has been passed down for many generations. Simply put, it’s thread wrapped around a small section of hair from the root to tip. Unravel when dry (the fun part) and gently separate with a wide toothed comb. It is very gentle on the hair, retains moisture, speeds up drying and you can use the thread over and over again. We at Natural Barnet find this to be a personal favourite.


This method elongates the hair in small sections by holding your strands in position with bands/hair ties. The shorter/thicker your hair is the more sections you’ll need. Cut down on drying time by dabbing a cotton t-shirt on any extra product that sits on the hair afterwards.

As an added tip, if you’re using elastic bands, dip in some Olive Oil first to reduce risk of breakage.


Typically, Braids give you a more stretched look than twists. This is because more tension is used and the hair is held tighter. However, using twists will still stretch your hair a lot more than not so it’s always an option.


Although this method is not as common, it is still nonetheless very effective. This tool both stretches and creates uniform curls without any heat. Curlformeers are available in different sizes depending on the length of your hair. As usual it’s best used on dampened hair instead of soaking wet hair as this speeds up the drying process.


You can achieve this with either two strands twist or twisting a section of hair and wrap it around itself. Not only does this method stretch the hair, it also creates gorgeous curls. For a more comfortable nights sleep, remove the knots (not the twists) before bed.


  • Flexirod – Achieved either with the Curled/Candycane method, this is a great way to create defined curls
  • Permrod – This method gives more definition and can last up to 2 weeks. You do however experience more shrinkage
  • Magnetic Rollerset – These can give the biggest volume of all the sets. Focus on consistent tension when rolling.


If you are after a maximum stretch, then this can work best for you. Choose any method that works best for you such as bunning then braid out or perm-rods on the end of your twists. Be careful, as this involves added manipulation. Therefore, you should be mindful about how you handle your hair to avoid breakage.


Always apply on well moisturised pre-stretched hair. First, gently finger detangle, then VERY GENTLY comb through with a wide-toothed comb from ends to roots. It is best to do this by working in sections and do not add water as this will revert your strands.


This method is when you put your hair in a secure bun (or more than one depending on the length of your hair or if you prefer more tension on your roots), leave it overnight to dry and voila!

Or if you could braid your damp hair, leave it to dry the bun. The result will be a wonderful Heatless Blow-Out.


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