22 Jan

- 2021 -


What Causes Grey Hair?

As we age, our hair follicles stop producing melanin. This is what gives our hair its colour. The shade of grey and timing of going grey is mainly determined by our genetics. However, stress can change our hair’s natural course. The most noticeable is the texture, as the oil glands produce less sebum which causes the hair to feel drier.

Loss of pigment can change the shape of the follicle too. In this case, you may notice the curl pattern, elasticity and strength is different. This also leaves the hair more vulnerable to to sun damage.

The quickest way to transition would be to cut your hair short and let it grow in again. However, that route isn’t for everyone! Another option is to colour the hairline and your part while allowing the rest to grow out. If you’re still not feeling these options, why not try a root concealer.

If you choose to go down the root (no pun intended) of colouring your greys, there are many options. Permanent colour is good if you have 40% or more greys. You could also look at more temporary options with Henna & Indigo, or Vegetable dyes. More options include Gels, Ammonia free home hair dyes and Root concealers.

The best methods for colouring is to apply the colour to the grey or white hair first to lengthen the process. We strongly advice to be aware of peroxide solutions as this can be damaging to the hair.

Looking after Grey hair is important as Grey’s naturally require more moisture. Therefore it is really important to be on your moisturising A game 🙂 .

Use regular Hot Oil treatments, scalp oils, Deep Conditioning, protein Treatments and Daily Leave ins. These tips will ensure that your wonderful Greys are healthy and well maintained.

If you happen to live in a hard water area, you may not be aware that the water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This will over time cause discolouration and build up on the hair and scalp. To counter, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo, vinegar rinse, African Black soap once a month.

Finally…no matter what, you must resist the temptation to pluck out any of your greys. Plucking out greys can cause inflammation of the root which leads to damage of the follicle. If this happens, the hair will appear thinner as it regrows as well as cause an ingrown hair. Be patient and be good to your Greys.


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