16 Jun

- 2021 -

How To Save Your Edges

There are common culprits/practices that result in affected edges. If you want to bring back your edges, keep reading for the best ways tips on what to do and what to avoid.


We all know that dry hair leads to breakage. This also applies even more so to your edges because they are exposed more. Make sure your edges are receiving targeted moisture during your regular mid-week moisture routine. You can also apply some Deep Conditioner specifically to your hairline on wash day.


The less pressure/tension you place on your scalp the better it will be for your edges. Try sleeping with a scarf and on a silk/satin pillowcase. You should avoid cotton at all costs.

If you prefer a scarf/bonnet, avoid resting on your hairline or tying it too tightly. Make sure it’s silk/satin and a mesh material so your hair can breathe.


Don’t feel pressured to have your edges ‘laid’ because it is a common practice. Use as you see fit for your own personal hair. Edge control can actually cause build up when used too often and hinder your hair growth.

A very goos solution to this a quite radical…..leave your edges alone! If you insist on laying them down often. use products that are boosted with nourishing oils such as Olive, Argan, Castor.


As we’ve previously said, you need to let your hair breathe. By consistently putting your hair in a protective style, it can cause your scalp to become inflamed which can lead to hair loss. Rock your beautiful hair for at least a week (ideally 2) and let it be free.


Both heat and chemicals can cause excessive damage to your hair over time. if you are relaxing your edges please, please STOP. This will result in stresses over time.

Keep direct heat aplliances to a bare minimum especially near your delicate edges.


Your scalp isn’t too demanding but there are 3 essential things it requires. These are to be kept clean, to be stimiulated and finally lubricated. Frequent scalp massages are not to be overlooked especially when you apply stimulating oils and herbs. Either head to our shop to purchase our Ayurvedic Hair Oil or make your own blend with penetrative oils (eg Olive, Grapeseed), Ayurvedic Herbs (eg Hibiscus, GInger) and Essential Oils (eg Rosemary & Lavender).


If you’re wincing while your hair is being done, then they are too tight. Don’t suffer in silence, make sure you speak up.

You should also watch out for an irritated scalp, headaches, strands with white roots or scalp bumps. If you find/experience and of these, remove the braid completely to avoid extensive breakage.


Even though everyone’s timeline to keep their protective style is different, we recommend you don’t go beyond 6-8 weeks. By keeping your style in for too long, it can cause breakage from excessive tension and pulling.


If you wear wigs/weaves, make sure you switch up your style. For example, change where your part is so your hair isn’t always exposed in the same place. Skip heat to blend and instead experiment with hair similar to your texture.

Lastly, be very careful of wigs with clips as these can yank out your hair. Use elastic wigs instead.


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