25 Apr

- 2022 -

Impressive Starting 11 Months

March seems to be the month when we reset different things. As we work for ourselves preparations have begun for our tax returns. As daunting as it is, it is a necessity; similarly my hair regimen. As life is slowly going back to some level of normality, I’ve noticed our physical activities have increased. We are going on more regular and longer family walks, doing a lot more running as well as cardio work outs from the front room.

I am learning more and more how to integrate my hair into daily routines. Past experiences of considering my hair with my daily life were non existent as it didn’t matter how much sweat occurred etc. My low cropped mane didn’t need anything.


Nowadays, I like to consider loose strands. Ok, confession time! I am a slight neat freak and the idea if one strand of hair poking out of my well designed braids upsets me. I usually find this occurs during my runs or training. This is where friction and sweat contribute to strand displacement. As well as being a neat freak, I am also a selective hoarder. Therefore my headbands and bandanas from my Uni days have proved useful. Interestingly, I am wearing them more effectively and regularly now compared to when I first got them over 20 years ago.


Even though the head gear is offering a solution, I am finding that it is also creating a new set of problems. They do say nothing is perfect. My hairline and edges sometimes are affected by the friction of the looser headbands. This as you can imaging is quite frustrating for me especially during the first week of getting my hair braided. Thoughts did occasionally creep in about my lack of hair length being the result of the strands coming out etc. It is amazing how our hair potentially gives us another reason/excuse to question or second guess ourselves when we condone it. The answer to this false perception of course is education and a realisation of what you are doing and why. As I am discovering, my hair journey is also a learning curve.


There seems to be a pattern with the way I view and treat my hair once in a protective style. From the second the style is finished till about the end of week one, I don’t even entertain a gust of wind blowing through my hair. By the end of week two I start to see loose strands all over my head. In my head funny enough if I can no longer see my scalp from the braid partings then…..it’s messy! One of two things have to occur, either I change this perspective and be more free and forgiving with my hair; or I find a new way to maintain a longer fresher braid look.

I already suspect given my nature I will opt for the latter.


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