30 Sep

- 2021 -

My 6 Months Hair Probation

Being Active

I’ve just gone through my first braided hair style along with adding extra products to my regimen. I was quite surprised at the level of support my new style has gathered. This wasn’t the reason for me deciding to grow my hair but it does feel nice to receive compliments from my dedication and persistence. October was a very active month as I was back running regularly as well as training in Krav Maga. For the first time ever it is safe to say that I had to consider what I needed to do with my hair prior to these events.

I ran with my hair out and it didn’t hinder me one bit. Another example of my pre-conceived thoughts being proven wrong regarding my hair.

Outside Help

Afua had booked a hair appointment for herself and I saw an opportunity. In my opinion it was a win win. Not only did the hairdresser get extra business, but I also got to get my hair braided and Afua wouldn’t have the extra burden attending to 3 peoples hair. There was a funny moment where the hairdresser didn’t think my hair was long enough till she attempted to braid it. Shrinkage is not only real but disrespectful! On a side note having a protective style or a free ‘fro offers the opportunity to resurrect my headbands.

The picture above demonstrates such an example on a run. I did notice that certain strands decided to frizz and displace themselves. This might call for future trials of what to do with my hair during my active events.

Wash Day

I highlighted earlier that my wash day had increased based on the added products and process I have adopted. Afua has been vocal (sometimes loudly) of giving my hair the necessary care it needs/deserves. I have to say she is 100% right.

So, previously I was washing and deep conditioning but on my own terms. Now I allow the deep conditioner (courtesy of Natural Barnet of course) to do its job before washing it out. Added to that, I now use our Natural Barnet Aloe & Moringa Hair Mist prior to using our Hair Growth Oil. I have witnessed enough washdays from both Afua and Joelle’s to know what I should do. Therefore I am benefitting quite a lot from the knowledge and practice of my wife.

As I continue in this hair journey I need to be aware of a few things that come with the potential growth. I may need to have a regular hair dresser to braid my hair, I may need to accept that my washdays will get longer. Finally I need to be more comfortable with my hair out in public settings. With longer healthier hair comes greater responsibility.


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