My Hair Growth Journey – Volume 2

4 Aug

- 2021 -

My Hair Growth Journey – Volume 2


Into my second month of growing my hair with the right method and I’m learning so much from this process. My hair is thriving from the extra TLC it is receiving, my usual itchiness from a dry scalp seems to be disappearing. I’m also enjoying my washdays which goes against every conversation I have had with Afua. Washdays are seen as the necessary burden and I think my enjoyment has a lot to do with how long it takes. I’m currently working with a mini TWA so ignorance is currently bliss.

I still have no plan of the ideal length I would like to attain and I think that is helping my journey. The lack of added pressure of length goals means I can focus on consistently achieving healthy coils. Also, I am removing any sort of impatience that would crop up from wanting to achieve length.


So far so good with my journey without a final destination. I am enjoying the process and I feel less self conscious of not have a lower cut due to lock down. I am free to grow my hair from the privacy of my own home without the added thought (in my head) that people expect me to have a shorter cut.

It is quite interesting that even as an adult I still look at expectations of the state of my hair based on my perceived view of others opinions. When it should be….MY HAIR…MY CARE. The picture above was taken from a video message we sent to a family member. In the past my hair would have only gotten to that length to protect myself from the bitter cold. No such concern in June.


A few things I can safely say have become like second nature to me are what I have picked up from Afua and working on Natural Barnet. My scalp is kept moisturised every 2/3 days and probably the biggest inclusion (or exclusion) is not washing my hair every other day. This for me was a huge revelation as I genuinely believed my hair was only manageable when wet. Therefore I had to wash my hair every day right?

The moral of this 2 month journey so far is, like anything in life, if you want to achieve results and make the right changes, you have to stick to your routine and be consistent. I have also seemed to have cured my previous addiction of being a product junkie. I am discovering what works fro my hair and I’m sticking with it.


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