My Patience Pays Off 5 Months Later

20 Sep

- 2021 -

My Patience Pays Off 5 Months Later

Braid Game

So, after many months (which wasn’t really that long….5 months to be exact), my hair is finally long enough for a protective style. I haven’t had my hair in braids for well over 20 years. The contrast however between now and back then is quite scary if I’m being honest. Not only has my regimen completely changed (due to education), but also my perception of my hair at certain lengths or being out or even how it is managed is polar opposite.

Time For Change

I literally believed my kinks needed to be tamed or loosened in order for it to look the part or be managed (put in braids etc). Throughout this process, I’ve traded in regular use of products with harsh sulphates with our very own Natural Barnet products with Natural ingredients. Basically, there is nothing I am doing now with my hair regimen/journey that I did all those years ago when I decided to grow my hair.

New Look

From the image you can probably tell that I am enjoying my hair in braids. Thankfully, Afua actually likes them and the kids don’t seem to mind them either. I’m pleased with Afua’s approval because we did have a discussion years prior where I first floated the idea of having braids. Let’s just say it wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. I also have to give massive credit to Afua who only learned to braid her courtesy of our daughter for about 2 years (on and off).

I will be honest in admitting that being self employed in a business that involves hair did make it easy to not have to deal with perceptions about my hair. I often wonder if I would have gotten to this stage if I still had to visit an office 5 days a week or even have meetings with clients. Then my mind switched gears and thinks why would/should that make a difference?

As this is my first braided hair style, I will eventually have to consider a few things such as how often I get it done (baring in mind Afua also looking after our daughters hair), how I maintain them with an active lifestyle etc. Either way, I am here for this continued journey.


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