29 Jul

- 2021 -

My Personal Hair Growth Journey


I originally had no plans to grow my hair. To be honest it wasn’t even a serious consideration as I followed the pattern of keeping my hair low and “tidy” passed my mid 30’s. It is safe to say the pandemic changed a lot of things for all of us. Being forced to remain indoors and use all of your imagination to keep some semblance of sanity jumped to the front of the queue.

My wife and I had flirted with the idea of me growing my hair once before as she also suggested I had lovely hair. You could say my hair journey started by accident as I initially put off my regular once a month self hair cut. It didn’t seem to matter as I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon due to lockdown. Also I was curious to try and see how my hair would respond with the application of a regular hair regimen.

MAY 2020

As the changes multiplied (transition with work, homeschooling, zero social events etc) the truth is growing my hair felt like a project that I could focus on. My only other experience of growing my hair was about 2 decades prior and unfortunately my hair was not healthy then. I definitely wasn’t as clued up as I am now on the importance of using the right products and being regular and disciplined.

Back then I was led to believe my hair needed to be texturised in order for it to be braided. Misinformation is so dangerous as it can lead to decisions that could prove harmful to yourself and/others.

Armed with the right information (mainly from my wife Afua) and a steely determination, I started my first wash day with my grade 1 1/2 low cut hair. My world opened up to shampoo bars and a treatment of:

  • Natural Barnet Growth Oil
  • Natural Barnet Smoothie
  • Natural Barnet Sheabiscus Deep Conditioner

This was all new to me, especially the process and the order in which to apply each item on wash day. It would take a few months and Afua patiently guiding me to realise I still wasn’t applying the correct regimen. My hair did feel more manageable and moisturised as i also discovered I had High Porosity Hair…..like I said this was all new to me.


I was focused, I was committed and was in it for the long haul. Or at least till I had had enough. So far so good as I experienced changes to my scalp which usually gets dry and I loved discovering the different curl patterns all over my head. I month was done, and I can’t wait to see the changes in month 2 as my journey progresses.


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