Protect your Natural Hair in a Weave/Braids

23 Jul

- 2020 -

Protect your Natural Hair in a Weave/Braids

When you have a (sewn-in) weave, that doesn’t mean that your natural hair underneath has to be neglected. Especially knowing that women normally have their weaves in for 1-3 months (I would personally recommend 2 months max), it’s important you look after your natural barnet 🙂 . Otherwise, you may be in for an unpleasant matted and breakage surprise when it’s time to take them out…

Here are some options you should adopt when sporting your new temporary style 😉

Shampoo and Condition

Keep your hair clean! The best way to do this is to dilute your products in applicator bottles with water (60:40 ratio) and apply on your scalp. Make sure the hole at the applicator top is the smallest you can find, so you don’t have too much lather when washing. Just think of when you dilute your washing up liquid before you throw away the bottle – same principle. By diluting the solution, it is thin enough to travel freely all over your hair/scalp and can be rinsed out easily and effectively. The same method can be applied to a conditioner. Cleanse as often as you would normally cleanse your hair or when you feel your scalp feeling ‘clogged’.

I have also known women to put some dry shampoo / cleansing lotion / ACV on a cloth and dab their scalp that way. Whatever works for you! Keep your scalp clean so your hair can still healthily grow and reduce the itch!

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Your hair still needs that essential moisture! I always say that as your natural hair journey is personal and unique to you, so should the products that you use. Many people go out and buy spray products that moisturise their hair, but why spend more money when you have products at home? Just dilute your leave-in / moisturiser with water and oil (I use my leave-in, water and coconut oil), mix in a spray bottle and spray on your hair – and the weave – daily or every other day as you wish. Works a treat :-).

Oil Your Scalp

Not everyone’s scalp reacts well to having oil on it. You’ll know this if your hair feels clogged and uncomfortable after putting any on. If you normally oil your scalp on your natural hair, it’s important to be consistent. It’s always best to use a light oil (like Coconut Oil), because it won’t build up as easily and keeps your scalp well moisturised. If you find your scalp is itchy, it’s often because it is either dry, dirty or simply doesn’t agree with your hair.


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