My Side Burn Journey: A Connection Battle

10 Jun

- 2021 -

My Side Burn Journey: A Connection Battle

They say in life you should choose your battles carefully. The main priority is indeed to end up winning the war. Yet, no one prepares you for the battles that end up choosing you!

I have been engaged with a personal battle for the past 25 years…my very own quest to grow sideburns. You may laugh but this has been a long hard fought battle (which is still ongoing). I’ve experienced small highs, deep lows and yet still minimum growth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about complete baldness. Rather it’s the inability of my small shoots sprouting out of my cheek to find a connection.

In The Beginning

My journey started like most adolescent young men in high school. The excitement of seeing promising fur appear above my top lip. The sense of feeling manhood had arrived! Back then I wasn’t too worried that I was way behind my pears in the fuzz face department. While others looked had the faces of grown men who misplaced their razors, I could pass for their nephew. But, I knew my time would come.

Needless to say, it was taking it’s time as it failed to appear through my University days and my first 5 years as an employee. Compliments of being told you look young could only stretch so far. At this point I could just about manage a connection between the upper and lower tiers of my mouth. Yet the desired sideburns were not interested in making an appearance.

Meet Me Half Way

Finally, I reach my 30’s and all of a sudden a late arrival to the facial hair party. It was unfortunately a bittersweet time as the late guest forget to bring a friend. Yes…my left sideburn had not even left to arrive. I was faced with a serious dilemma, do I shave the right side and risk another 15 years of wilderness…or do I go rouge and hopefully create a new fashion trend? I Chose Rogue.

To make things worse, we had entered an era where the full grown beard was now in Vogue. Yeah I was only able to assemble half ruggedness. Thankfully my stubborness allowed to prevail and ignore the side remarks from a select few about my SideBurn.


Another decade passes and we are now in a much healthier place. With some helpful tips and miracle products from NaturalBarnet…we have a full connection. I say full in the sense that it can form a thick pencil line. 🙂

I have learned to accept and embrace certain quotes such as ‘patience is a virtue’ and ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’. Plus, without these truths would i would have been devastated at the fact that my almost 10 year old son already has SideBurns.


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