Signs Your Natural Hair Isn’t Healthy

9 Jun

- 2021 -

Signs Your Natural Hair Isn’t Healthy

No matter the length of your hair, healthy hair is where it’s at! Keep reading to see if your hair is Healthy with these tips.


Try stretching your hair while it’s wet and if it doesn’t return to its normal state, it could be that the protein bonds have been weakened. Culprits can be heat or harsh colours.

We recommend you Deep Condition more regularly, minimise heat and clarify your hair. If you see no change after a month, see a professional.


If you notice that your hair is shedding more than usual, then it’s time for a change.

Providing it’s not hormonal, assess your diet and/or spend more time nourishing your hair. This can be achieved with the right products containing the correct ingredients. Finally, check out your protein/moisture balance. If it is Brittle then add moisture. If you discover it is Mushy then use a protein treatment.


A lack of moisture doesn’t necessarily mean your hair isn’t healthy. However, if left uncared for, it could definitely lead to that.

Healthy hair should never be consistently dry. To remedy this, always Deep Condition after every wash, sleep with a satin/silk headwear or pillowcase and seal with oils/butters. In addition, clarify your hair as it could simply be a result of product build up.


Examine your edges. If you discover any thinning, it may be experiencing too much tension from tight braids, tight headbands etc. Also, make sure you allow your hair to breathe between styles.

Hormones can also be responsible for thinning eg. birth control, stress. Make sure you look after yourself by getting a good nights sleep, eating well, exercise, drinking water and getting regular check ups.


If the ends of your hair are starting to look like branches, it’s time for a trim. They can wreak havoc if they’re not dealt with.

Common factors of Split Ends are dryness, over-manipulation, heat/colour damage or simply not keeping on top of your trims when necessary. Don’t hold on to them – cut them off! Another sign for trims are single strands knots.


Do you experience your hair instantly tangling up after detangling? Then something isn’t right!

Make sure you’re using the correct tools for your hair such as a wide toothed comb or your fingers. Also, always make sure that you be gentle with your hair. If you’re stressed/anxious, that is NOT the time to do WashDay. Use high quality, moisturising products, take your time and step up your hydration.


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