The Hair Growth Journey 4 Months In

23 Aug

- 2021 -

The Hair Growth Journey 4 Months In


I have to admit that I wasn’t too focused on what would happen at this part of my journey. Here I was just about getting used to my lil’ afro and Afua drops a bombshell on me. “Let’s see if your hair is long enough to be braided”. It is safe to say my mouth was left exposed yet I wasn’t too optimistic. I had flash backs of when I was told my hair wasn’t long enough to braid by a salon owner.

Interestingly it was much longer than it is now! I should have gotten a second opinion rather than take hers as gospel. Unfortunately it caused me to texturise my hair with the false premise that my curls were not loose enough to be braided.


The picture at the top shows how close my length was to being braided. Afua believed it would be ready to be braided in less than a month. I was pleasantly surprised….not even a relaxer or texturizer in sight. All I needed was a constant correct and disciplined hair regimen. Even though my hair wasn’t quite ready, there’s something edifying about monitoring realistic expectations and progress that’s unique to you.

I have come to realise that my journey is not only changing my look but also my outlook. For instance, I can no longer wear certain hats anymore (this would become a slight problem on my runs). Fortunately I rediscovered my long lost love for bandanas and headbands (like I was auditioning to be an extra in a Nelly video).


As per every summer, we decided to take the kids to a them park we haven’t visited before. This year was destination Legoland. Thankfully the weather held up and I was proud to show off my ever growing healthy ‘fro. Armed with a new afro comb, I was ready to show the world (or Legoland at least), just how far I’d come with my hair journey. The pic above shows how proud I was not only of my locks but as you can see, the sideburn game is improving…slightly. I just to establish a better connection then I’ll be in a different league


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