Things To Know Before Going Natural

8 Jun

- 2021 -

Things To Know Before Going Natural

Deciding to rock Natural Hair is unique to each and every individual. It is a personal journey that is 100% your own. In the spirit of prepararion, we have however put together a few things come with the territory.

First Impressions:

We’ll be honest, if you’ve been used to a a different hair texture for years, adapting may take a while. Not everyone may like their hair off that bat….and that’s ok. You’ve come this far in terms of making the decision so give your self time to explore and love your natural kink, bend and twist.


Ok….the thing is….people are going to want to touch your hair. It happens and it doesn’t annoy/frustrate everyone but if it does for you then be prepared. We personally prefer the head tilt/swerve with a side stare option. Feel free to come up with your own escape route to let them know personal space is required.

Hair (Stereo) Type:

If you Google a hair type, the result will be hundreds of different curl patterns After the hair has been styled. Also, a lot of us have more than one hair type on our heads. All this is say, knowing your hair type won’t really inform you about your hair NEEDS. Instead, your hair porosity (how much your hair retains moisture) is mostly all you need to know.

Same Ole Same Ole:

We put this down to marketing but the same products can have different names. As you gaze the shelf or online shop you may come across the likes of pudding, souffle, custard milk (no these aren’t food related) etc. This can be hella confusing so here is a guide to follow:

  • Leave-In Conditioner – also called Detangler, Lotion or Milk. Lighter spray versions can be called hair mist, hair quench or hair juice.
  • Moisturiser – also called Smoothie, Cream, Buttercream or Whipped Butter.
  • Styler – also called Parfait, Twisting Butter, Souffle, Pudding, Defining Cream, Meringue, Curling Custard, Butter Gel

Start Saving:

It is highly likely that at the start of your Natural Hair journey, you’ll become a self-proclaimed product junkie (we’ve all been there). The price of products do range with some of them on the rather expensive side to get the quality your hair needs. You decide what works best for you.

Wash Day Wars:

You can’t avoid it…..there’s no way around it…Wash Day is LONG! If you’re used to having someone do you hair for you, things are about to change. Wash doesn’t necessarily have to last the entire day….however, the longer your hair gets, the more time it’ll take. So prepare yourself!

Shrinkage Rudeness:

If you are moving from relaxed hair where length is key….all change! Being Natural can have your hair looking like you just cut it. However we say embrace the shrinkage as elasticity shows your natural hair in healthy.


We love seeing the solidarity amongst fellow Naturalistas out and about doing their thang.

Test All Things:

Our last point is something we learnt the hard way. Don’t believe everything you hear on Youtube (Social Media in general). Not everyone who says they love the product is genuine. Also, just because their hair looks like yours, doesn’t mean yours will react the same way to the same products. Find out what your own hair loves through trail and error. Finally, that tutorial will probably take you twice the time to complete.


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