Using Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Regimen

28 Jun

- 2021 -

Using Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Regimen

If you haven’t heard, there are multiple benefits for using Apple Cider Vinegar in your hair regimen. We love a good list of positives here at Natural Barnet so we’ve compiled one for you below:

  • ACV balances Hair and Scalp pH levels
  • It stimulates Hair growth
  • Boosts Shine
  • Reduces Tangles
  • Removes product build-up
  • Can cure dandruff/flaking
  • Improves Hair Porosity


For a decent acv rinse, mix 75ml (which works out to about a third of a cup) of ACV and 1 litre of water in a large jug.

Pour over your hair and scalp after it has been cleansed and conditioned. After that, massage your scalp for 2 mins to stimulate circulation before rinsing.


If you are keen on enhancing or boosting the colour of your hair, why not try adding 200g (1 cup) of chopped herbs to 1/2 a pint (2 cups) of ACV. For your reference, Parsley/Rosemary enriches dark hair while Sage will help cover greys.

To prepare, cover and leave to infuse for 2 weeks in a dark place. Once you have strained and poured into a clean bottle, it should keep for up to a 1 year. When ready to use, dilute 3 tablespoons of ACV with 1 cup of water.

There is also to option of adding particular herbs for hair/scalp issues. For example, Calendula can be added to condition dry hair while Nettle can be used to reduce dandruff.


There are similarly huge benefits of adding Essential Oils to your ACV. For example, you have the likes of:

  • Cedarwood/Clary Sage – that stimulate hair growth
  • Geranium – which strengthens hair
  • Lavender – not only stimulates hair growth but also aids dandruff issues
  • Rosemary – increases circulation and boosts hair growth

This will also keep up if you blend 2 cups of ACV with 5-10 drops of Essential Oil and store in a dark place up to a year.


As we previously mentioned, you can infuse your ACV with Nettle or Tea Tree and use as advised. Alternatively, before cleansing, massage ACV (not diluted) on the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing.


For this you will need 1/4 cup of Bentonite Clay and 3 tablespoons of ACV. Please note to never mix your clays with metal as it will reduce its effectiveness. Place the clay into a plastic bowl then pour in ACV and mix until smooth. When you are ready, massage on scalp and hair then leave for 20 mins before rinsing. Follow up this process with a Deep Conditioner.


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