Ways To Boost Your Deep Conditioner

14 Jun

- 2021 -

Ways To Boost Your Deep Conditioner

If you don’t know, you should know that Deep Conditioning is Important. If you want healthy, moisturised hair, it’s a step you cannot afford to skip. Deep conditioning prevents damage by nourishing, strengthening and moisturising the hair. Plus, it adds softness and shine. Here are some tips to help boost your DC.


Gentle moist heat lifts your hair cuticles, which allows your strands to soak in as much of that good stuff as possible. It also helps breaks down the molecules in your DC, so penetration into your hair is a lot easier. Here are some heat methods you can try:

  • Steamers
  • Body Heat (plastic bag/cling film)
  • Thermal Caps
  • Warming up DC first
  • Hot Towel
  • Hood/Bonnet Dryers

We advise to always protect your hair when Deep Conditioning (Plastic cap/bag or cling film). Also, it is important to NEVER add heat when doing a protein treatment. If you choose to apply the ‘body heat’ method listed, why not kill two birds by also being active while DC’ing (exercise, shopping, dancing etc). By doing this you’ll create more natural heat and reap more benefits.


You can add your own flavour to your DC to make it work further for you. Some examples are Aryuvedic powers: Amla Bhringraj; Humectants: Aloe Vera powder, Glycerin, Honey, Banana; Emollients: Oils & Butters (don’t use too much or it’ll leave your hair coated).


Deep Conditioners should take 30 mins to penetrate the hair shaft. You should allow an extra 10-15 mins if using your own body heat. Anything over an hour is not benefitting the hair. There is a risk this could cause hygral-fatigue (over moisturising) if done excessively.


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