Ways To Re-Moisturise Dry Natural Hair

15 Jun

- 2021 -

Ways To Re-Moisturise Dry Natural Hair

Dry hair is a Natural’s enemy. The longer you leave your hair to stay dry, the more likely it is to break. To avoid this, we have put together some tips below to assist you. Apply these methods to keep dry hair at a distance and allow your hair to flourish.


Nothing moisturises your hair from the inside out like a Deep Conditioner. Make sure you aim to DC your hair every 1-2 weeks (unless you have a protective style). Also, use a moist heat to enhance its benefits to your hair such as a heat cap.


The ends of your hair are the oldest, so they need the most TLC. Seal your hair with either an oil or butter but focus specifically on the ends. Alternatively you can combine the oil and butter with a whipped butter.

Your hair’s needs will be unique depending on your hair type, porosity and the weather. Remember oils/butters DO NOT moisturise the hair, instead they seal in moisture brilliantly.


Co-wash or washing with a conditioner instead of a shampoo won’t necessarily work for everyone. However it is ideal for the active typed among us (gym regulars) or those with coloured hair or extra dry hair.


This is the order of how to moisturise your hair after washing and between washdays. Choose the order simply on the basis of what your hair prefers. Remember your Natural Hair and journey is unique to you.


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