13 Apr

- 2021 -

Why Your Natural Hair is Dry

Dry Hair is one of a Naturalistas biggest enemies. Unfortunately for us, dry hair can lead to breakage, tangles and lack of length retention. If you struggle with this, keep reading for these helpful tips to find to reduce this problem.

Nighttime Care:

Looking after your hair isn’t just a daytime job, it needs just as much care and attention at nightttime. Make sure you sleep with a satin or silk scarf/bonnet (below the hairline) or pillow. If you want to go the extra mile, why not use all three! Stay away from materials with 100% cotton which can snatch moisture away from your hair.

Deep Condition Regularly:

We cannot speak on this enough as it is crucial to prevent dryness and breakage. By regularly deep conditioning your hair, it promotes elasticity, boosts strength and replaces any lost moisture. We advise to deep condition every 1-3 weeks and use moist heat to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft for best results .

Keep Hands Away:

Do you find you always play with your hair? Trust us, this doesn’t help. Some common reasons can be due to boredom or stress. You can avoid this damaging habit by rocking a protective style (braids, buns etc) or simply wearing a head scarf. Anything that limits your hands from pulling, snagging or exploring your hair. The key is to find what your triggers are and distract yourself with something else.

Only Re-Moisturising on Wash Day:

Don’t fall into this way of thinking. No product will retain mositure in you kinks and curls for over a week. Typically, Natural hair needs to be re-moisturised every 2-4 days. Also, make sure you do not wait until your hair is dry until you re-moisturise either.


Cut away those straggly, bone dry, single-strand filled nots. They are not adding to your length , in actual fact they are are affecting the health of your hair. Dry ends make your hair lose moisture faster and can cause your products to react differently.

Add more product to your ends:

The ends of your hair are porous because they are the oldest part. This simply means they lose moisture and become dehydrated much quicker. You can minimise this by adding more product on the ends, finger detangling, using combs instead of brushes and reducing the usage of heat.

Product Buildup:

Gentle cleansers such as Sulfate-Free Shampoos and Co-Washes are very moisturising, however they cannot remove stubborn debris left from products and hard water over time. It is best to use Clarifiers/Detoxifiers such as African Black Soap, Bentonite Clay, Clarifying Shampoos once a month. Always follow up with a Moisturising Deep Conditioner.


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